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Gingbau Flying Insect Traps (20-Pack)

Say Goodbye to Pesky Plant Insects with Gingbau's 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps - Your Ultimate Solution for Fungus Gnats, Aphids, Whiteflies, and More!

- Safe and Non-Toxic: The Gingbau sticky traps are made from non-toxic materials, making them safe to use around pets and children. They do not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides, making them an environmentally friendly solution for pest control.
- Versatile: The Gingbau sticky traps are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are suita

Gingbau 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps are an effective and affordable solution for getting rid of flying plant insects. These yellow sticky traps are specially designed to attract and capture fungus gnats, aphids, whiteflies, leafminers, thrips, midges and other flying plant insects. The dual-sided design of these traps ensures that they are effective from every angle. They are easy to use and come with twist ties that make it easy to hang them in your garden or indoor plants. The yellow color of the traps is particularly attractive to flying insects, making them more effective than traditional white traps. With 20 traps in each pack, you can cover a large area and effectively control the infestation of these pesky insects.